Safer Internet Armenia' s mission is to raise awareness about Internet risks, privacy and security issues among general population. We organize training programs for schools, offer teaching materials, run nation-wide information campaigns, surveys, round tables and media events.

Safer Internet Armenia is a joint initiative of Media Education Center and Internet Society of Armenia carried out in partnership with Orange Armenia, National Center of Educational Technologies of the RA Ministry of Education and Science, Yerevan City Municipality. Activities are coordinated by Armenian Safer Internet Committee.

Safer Internet Armenia promotes education of children and adults using the Internet and new on-line technologies. We inform about benefits and hazards of ICT use through awareness raising campaigns and media literacy programs. We provide comprehensive information about Internet safety and security issues, inform about risks, offer teaching materials for schools. Our activities are oriented towards minors and adults, teachers, ISPs, content providers, law enforcement authorities, officials. We run nation-wide competitions, surveys and polls, round tables and other media events.

Safer Internet Armenia manages Armenian Hotline (60272212) to report incidents on the Internet.


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