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10 things that you can teach kids to improve their Web safety

    • New possibilities and techniques of mutualcommunication are present in every generation. Try hard and use the latest and the most popular of them in class also.
    • Learn the Internet basics. Only then you can estimate potential risks.
    • Add the Internet in kid’s everyday life.
    • Stimulate kids to consider web ethics or so called ‘nettiguette’, which are informal rules of behavior online.
    • Make an agreement with other teachers, parents and kids about online rules.
    • Consider all participants. Don’t forget different age groups.
    • Show your kids online risks and warn them, when and whom to give out personal information.
    • Talk to kids about reality of online content and teach them how to check a source.
    • When you use a filter system, don’ forget to present this to other participants.
    • Consider all other means of protecting your computer and school network. Teach your kids how to protect their computers.

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