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Armenian Resources Listed in UNESCO Overview of Information Literacy Resources Worldwide

December 04, 2014 Media and Information Literacy resources available in Armenian language are included in the UNESCO Overview of Information Literacy Resorces Worldwide. UNESCO is promoting the potential of open and inclusive technologies, free, independent and pluralistic media and information organizations to advance development in a way that enhances the rights and opportunities of people to become fully empowered citizens. Media and Information Literacy Concept introduced by UNESCO is the composite concept driven by the idea that citizens, communities and nations require a new set of competencies to access data and information, organize, evaluate for creation, utilization and communication of knowledge, so as to achieve their personal, social, professional and educational goals. Find the UNESCO Book of Information Literacy Resources here




Three Thematic Hubs to Join Discussions at EuroDIG in Berlin

June 11 - 13, 2014. Three thematic Hubs to follow EuroDIG - European Dialog on Internet Governance Forum in Berlin, have been organised in Yerevan, Armenia by Media Education Center with support of the Council of 1Europe Office in Yerevan, ISOC Armenia, Eurasia Partnership Foundation and Yerevan State University. Topics related to hate speech and its consequences for human rights online, child protection, network neutrality, data protection, privacy, security have been discussed by about 60 participants of the thematic hubs. The Thematic Hub 'Hate Speech and On-line Defamation and Consequences for Human Rights On-line' have distinguished by the diversity of participating civil society organisations and groups: No Hate Speech Movement, Women’s Resource Centre, Safer Internet Armenia, Media Education Center, Eurasia Partnership Foundation, iDITORD, ISOC Armenia, Xenophobia Prevention Initiative. Read more ...








Media Education Center's Fellows Completed UNESCO Course on Media Literacy

May 08, 2014. Armenian students have successfully completed the UNESCO Media and Information Literacy course organised in partnership with the Athabasca University and in cooperation with the UNESCO-UNAOC University Network on Media and Information Literacy and Intercultural Dialogue.  The 12-week course (March - May, 2014) has been based on the MIL Curriculum and the Freedom of Expression Toolkit published by UNESCO, a central theme throughout the course has been 'how media and information literacy can enable youth to be actively involved in intercultural dialogue, advocating for freedom of expression, gender equality'. Media Education Center's fellows Arman Mehrabyan,  Anahit Martirosyan,  Ani Paravian and  Alice Hakobyan completed the classes offered through Canada-based Athabasca University’s e-Lab.


Winners of Safer Internet Armenia 2014 Competition Announced  

April 18, 2014. Winners of the best parental meeting and best open lesson competitions in frames of the Safer 1Internet Armenia 2014 have been announced:

Armine Aghajanyan, Noranush Kocharyan – Vagharshapat High School No. 2 after Narekatsy of the Armavir region,
Armine Azatyan - Koghb Secondary School No. 1 of the Tavush region,
Ani Torosyan - Vanadzor Secondary School No. 19 of the Lori region,
Anush Avetisyan - Hrazdan High School No. 10 of the Kotayk region,
Anahit Aghagulyan – Kapan Secondary School No. 5 of the Syunik region, Anahit Karapetyan - Yerevan Secondary School No. 186,
Marianna Tovmasyan – Yerevan Secondary School No. 161 after Njdeh, Naira Avetisyan - Yerevan Secondary School after John Kirakosyan N 20, Marine Harutyunyan – Yerevan Secondary School No. 154.







Internet Governance Issues Discussed at Yerevan State University

April 07, 2014. Over 40 students of the Yerevan State University Departments of International Relations, Telecommunications, Journalism, Informatics and Applied Mathematics participated in a 8workshop onpublic policy issues related to Internet governance. The workshop was followed by the simultaneous broadcast of the Fifth Russian Internet Governance Forum. Issues related to privacy, cybersecurity, cross-border jurisdiction, net neutrality discussed during the workshop. The students received the DiploFoundation's Book An Introduction to Internet Governance 5th edition. Media Education Center and Internet Society of Armenia will organise three more workshops ahead of EuroDIG forum. See photos







Media Education Center's Delegates at ICANN 46 Meeting in Singapore

March 27, 2014. For the first time Armenian students participated in the ICANN Meeting. The NextGen@ICANN initiated by NetMission.Asia is aimed to equip the youth on Internet Governance issues. A week-long conference held in conjunction with the ICANN 49th meeting in Singapore raised awareness of ICANN policy discussions among young adults. The highlight of the NextGen@ICANN was a public session where the youth delegates role played a board meeting, simulating ICANN's multi-stakeholder structure. Lusine Andreyan and Sasun Kostanyan were Media Education Center's delegates.






Safer Internet Month 2014 in Armenian Schools

In frames of the Safer Internet Month Armenian Schools traditionally host parental meetings and open lessons. Safer Internet Armenia 2014 is implemented by Media Education Center, Internet Society of Armenia with support of Orange Armenia,  Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, National Center of Educational Technologies, Yerevan City Municipality. See Photos and videos from open lessons
1 1
Yerevan School N 154 Yerevan School N 154 Ashtarak School N 2
1 1 1
Vanadzor School N 16 Ohanian Educational Complex Yerevan High School 198
1 1 1
Vanadzor School N 24 after Gevorg Chaush Gavar School N 2 Yerevan School N 20 after John Kirakosian
1 1 1
Yerevan School N 100 Hrasdan High School N 10 Yerevan High School N 33 after Nalbandyan
1 1 1
Kapan School N 5 Akunk School of Kotayk region Yerevan School N 116
1   1
Eurasia International University College Yerevan School N 12 after V. Hambardzumuan
1 1


Vagharshapat High School after Grigor Narekatsy Secondary School after L. Jivan of Armavir Region Yerevan School N 135
1 1
Yerevan School after Garegin Njdeh N 161 Maisyan Secondary School Maisyan Secondary School
1 1 1
Ashtarak School N 2 Karhanian Educational Center of Vanadzor Yerevan School N 154
1 1 1
Vagharshapat High School after Grigor Narekatsy Vanadzor High School N 10 after Sayat Nova Vanadzor School N 24 after Gevorg Chaush
1 1 1
Yerevan School N 20 after John Kirakosian Armavir School after Pakumyan Orange Armenia volunteers
1 1 1
School after Hrant Matevosyan Ijevan School N 4 Yerevan School N 186



Safer Internet 2014. over 300 teachers of 150 schools re-trained

February 24, 2014: Over 160 teachers of Yerevan's 150 secondary schools have participated in trainings between February 14 and February 24, the Internet Safety Module for Parents has been introduced. Over  300 1teachers participated in the 'Wikipedia as a Safe Environment ' and 'Writing Articles for Wikipedia " courses.
The trainings are held in frames of the 'Safer Internet 2014' project aimed at empowering children and parents, students and educators and providing them with tools and educational materials to help use new technologies effectively and safely.
 Safer Internet Armenia 2014 is implemented by Media Education Center, Internet Society of Armenia with support of Orange Armenia,  Ministry of Education and Science of Armenia, National Center of Educational Technologies, Yerevan City Municipality. See Photos





Safer Internet 2014. Internet Safety Open Lesson at School N 186

February 17, 2014. Internet Safety Open lesson organized at the Yerevan Secondary School N 186 marked the 1launch of the Safer Internet 2014 activities in Armenia this year. Journalists gathered at the school to listen to children's opinions regarding their rights and responsibilities on the Internet. The Best Open Lesson and the Best Parental meeting competitions are announced among schools by Media Education Center, Internet Society of Armenia and Orange Armenia. See Photos...






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