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The word blog is derived from the combination of the two words web and log. Blogs are virtual diaries created by individuals and stored on the internet. Blogs generally consist of text and images and can appear in a calendar-type format.

Many sites offer tools for creating and publishing content as a blog. A blog provides a perfect opportunity for personal expression, allowing users to collaborate, share and learn in a virtual world. On the other hand, one of the greatest dangers of blogs is the temptation to reveal personal information that could be disseminated across the world and used to locate or identify you. You may wish to use a pseudonym to protect your identity. Blogs can be used by both adults and young people anywhere and published content can be seen by a worldwide audience. Remember that everyone has the right to privacy. If you are planning to post information (including images) about someone else, you must obtain their permission first.

Another risk is breach of copyright. You should never use material or a blog design from other people’s sites without their permission.

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