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10 things that I must know about Internet safety

  1. I never give out personal information about me, my family and friends when I go online.
  2. I always ask my parents before I download Internet files, buy in online shop or join the competition on the Internet.
  3. When I use the Internet I respect his rules everywhere: at home, school and my friends house.
  4. I always show Internet content that makes me uncomfortable to my parents or other adults.
  5. I don’t mention and show violence and sex websites to my friends.
  6. I never arrange a face-to-face meeting with my Internet friend, without telling my parents.
  7. My password is a secret for everyone, also for my friends! Occasionally I change it.
  8. Occasionally I explain my parents, what I do online.
  9. I behave friendly and honestly to other people on the Internet.
  10. Time that I spend online costs money, therefore I use Internet economically.
Source: Microsoft

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