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A virus is a computer program (usually disguised as something else) which is designed to cause undesirable effects on computer systems. Viruses are often designed so that they can be transferred from one computer to another without the users knowing. They can be hidden in emails, on CDs or in files that are shared across the internet. Computer viruses can cause harm to computer systems and need to be avoided.

In order to prevent viruses from entering PC it is important not to open any emails which come from senders you don’t know. Many of those emails have titles like “You have won a lottery” or “Happy birthday, I have a present for you” and so on. Never open any attachments coming with such emails, as it is likely that in such cases you will install a virus or a worm in your PC. As a rule, you should never open an attachment that has been sent to you by someone you don’t know. Try to avoid suspicious websites, and if you accidentally enter one which seems strange, leave it immediately. If pop-up windows alert you or ask you to agree to anything, immediately close them and never click on any button inside them.

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