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08 December 2017. online platform for interactive and distant learning has been launched by STEM Programs Center with support of Internet Society and UCOM. The opening of the project has been held in the Vanadzor-based Secondary School N24 after Gevorg Chaush. The effective application of the new online platform will be one of the key directions of the STEM program aimed at development of relevant capacities in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, as a part of extracurricular activities.

The program aims at building a new model for development of STEM capacities through effective collaboration between education, science and business actors.

"When we pay visits to Armath engineering laboratories in regions and remote rural communities, we witness lack of teaching staff in the schools, where the laboratories are situated. This portal is designed exactly for children, who live in such remote settlements, to help them fill their knowledge gap and develop skills,” said Hayk Yesayan, the Director General at Ucom. Internet access helps to some extent solve that issue, if such online STEM platform is available.

STEM program may help children use the computer not only for playing purposes, but for gaining knowledge. "It’s important that children have the opportunity to fill their knowledge gap on their own, by watching video materials and reading explanatory articles. Next to materials on robotics, programming, there are also materials on astronomy, which, as a school subject, has unfortunately been left out of the school program,” detailed Armine Chatinyan, Informatics teacher at School N24 after G. Chaush in Vanadzor.

“Within the frames of this program, programming, cosmology, mathematics and flying objects designing study groups will be operating in schools on Sundays. Lessons of these study groups will be broadcast on STEM channel and will be available to all Armenian schoolchildren,” added Haykaz Baghyan, the Head of STEM Programs Center.

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